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BRAA 2016: Day 3, Village Creek to MS River S.P.

27 Mar 2016 9:55 PM | Anonymous

The wind continued all night but we were down in a hole in the state park and somewhat sheltered. Once we got back to the highway to Marianna, it was somwhat windy and hilly in Crowley's Ridge but very scenic. Once we got back to the flat lands before Forrest City, the wind was very strong, going into a straight headwind of about 25 mph. The group split into 2 parts. A few went straight through from Forrest City to Marianna. The rest of us stopped to eat at a nice buffet place in F.C. I'm glad I did because there wasn't much in Marianna. Our group got back together and went into Mississippi River S.P. on the Mississippi River Road. We were able to get a developed group campsite in the main park, without going all the way around the lake to the primitive area. I think it was said the wind gusts were up to 40 mph. My tent blew nearly flat down to the ground and bent a pole. It seemed to be more stable once I got the weight of my gear in it. It was too windy and somewhat cold to cook in camp. Brad shuttled us back to town for a Mexican dinner. We were glad to have him along in the car but none of us ever needed to sag forward. A man at the restaurant said we could have camped at the Marianna airport and another man on the highway stopped to thank us for bicycling in Arkansas. That was very nice, having 3 out-of-staters with us. Actually, the traffic was overall very respectful of us and probably feeling sorry for us on this day, and the next 2.

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