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BRAA 2016: Day 4, MS River S.P. (Marianna) to Clarendon

06 Apr 2016 6:55 PM | Anonymous

The wind was up all night at MS River S.P. , if I didn't mention it before. As we rode out the next morning, some ate at Subway and a few of us went to the Do-nut Palace. (We had originally planned to go further south and through the lower White River refuge at St. Charles, but the wind was too strong). I had eyed the Palace the day before when we came in! As the sign said, "they treated us like a king." A couple of us got ahead of the last group leaving town so we stopped in at the Marianna Airport, which was a couple hangers with crop dusters, at least in the one we stopped at. They had invited us to spend the night there and the hanger would have been great, out of the wind. The yellow planes were grounded for the day so we could see them up close and how they got them out of the hanger with the support poles or stanchions in the way. The wind today was strong but not quite a head wind and more bearable than the previous day when we only did about 45 miles but that was our hardest day. We mostly regrouped over about 10 miles as we rode back toward Clarendon and got together at the store in Monroe, AR. Brad was driving ahead and coming back to tell us what was ahead from time to time, but we usually could find food. This little store had burgers and sandwiches and a long table to seat quite a few people. I think I'll go back on a cold winter day to see all the local farmers and old timers who likely spend a lot of time there. Kenny and Rob had gone ahead and got to the motel in Clarendon way before the rest of us. This motel does most of their business during duck season. The several times I've been by, I've never seen a car, so I was glad to give them some business. It was very inexpensive and a very nice, clean, motel with a nice new TV. I would recommend it. We wanted the motel because rain was coming that night, and the porta potty was no longer at the city campground. We ate a Bendi's diner in town. It gets our ABC seal of approval for quality, selection, and friendliness. I had a cone at the drive-in in town too. One of the local town fathers, Burton Moore, whom we had met before, gave us a tour of his aunt's or great aunt's house that is now preserved as a museum. It is the oldest house in town and had some nice old artifacts and piano and music boxes. He had brought in some old bells. Robert rang the large bell. He told him to be sure to get at the end of the rope before he pulled it because it was very loud, and it was. Clarendon is a very nice river town. It would be worth a drive over to see the Big White River Bridge and eat at Bendi's and even spend the night. 

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