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BRAA 2016: Day 6, England to home (Heifer International)

17 Apr 2016 7:36 PM | Anonymous

Not so much to report here.  This was a short day of about 25 miles and the wind was way down and not much of a factor as i recall now. We had breakfast at the Waffle Shack across the street from the drive-in in England. I didn't know it was there either and it was good. We came straight up the hwy. through Keo to NLR and over the Clinton Bridge to Heifer. I did take our out-of-state friends on a slight detour to see the Plantation Settlement in Scott. The volunteer talked to the guys for a bit and we took some pictures. One of our experienced tour leaders took the lane coming into NLR where the road is narrow and there was more oncoming traffic than usual, being a work day. I wondered about this at first, but it was actually safer, to prevent cars behind us from trying to pass when there wasn't enough room. We came in to Heifer together. Several of us had lunch there before disbanding. We agreed that the next BRAA should be in April of next year. Robert rode from home and rode back to home from the Heifer parking lot.

Oh, I did learn while taking to some people at Bike Florida, that I think the most accurate term for our ride is self contained with my following definitions that are in line with Adventure Cycling.

Self-contained -- carry camping and cooking gear and no sag support

Self-supported -- may stay in motels; no vehicle, not expected to cook

Van-supported -- a vehicle moves your gear forward; you just ride and may have to cook in camp or go out for meals

Fully-supported -- vehicle for gear, rest stops usually, and catered meals

Boutique/credit card ride (may be other terms) -- stay at motels or B & B's and sag support

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