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Ready for 2019 Lake Greeson trip

08 Feb 2019 8:54 AM | Anonymous

This is our first attempt at a 3-day tour ride around Lake Greeson with a start in Glenwood, AR.  For the past dozen years we have ridden around Lake Ouachita for our 3-day winter outing.  It was a great run of rides, but the traffic kept increasing yearly.  Finally, last year I complained excessively about the traffic.  

The time had come for me to quit complaining and do something about the situation.  For a number of months I scoured the maps for a different route and came up with Lake Greeson.  However, maps alone do not design a ride.  I started driving around the area and made changes after each excursion.  I will describe the final proposal below.

Anyone considering this tour ride should know that it can be a fairly easy event or it can be very difficult, according to the weather.  

Our start will be at the Glenwood Country club which is a few miles East from "downtown" Glenwood.  Since our first day is relatively short in miles we will not start until 11:00 AM.  The first section of the ride will be on Hwy 70, which is fairly busy but has a good shoulder.  There is a small cafe in Kirby, AR about 11 miles from the start which would be good for lunch.  Also in Kirby is a small grocery store where supplies can be bought for the evening meal since there will not be a cafe nearby.  

The other 11 miles to complete the first day will be a little different.  The first 6 miles will be on Hwy 27, which also has an adequate shoulder.  The final 5 miles will include 4 miles or so of dirt road.  The condition of the road will depend on he amount of recent rain.  

Our first night of camping will be at a remote campsite named Laurel Creek.  This campsite has tables and a vault toilet.  No water or electricity.  Also, do not expect to have phone reception, but a bar or two will occasionally show up.  We will plan on a campfire, but of course the weather will play a roll in everything.

The plans for the second day is a 48 mile ride with the 4 miles of dirt road to start the trek.  Then we take a right on Hwy 27 into Murfreesboro which is about 14 miles from Laurel Creek.  Here we could have an early lunch, or late breakfast, your choice.  Also, some might want to purchase items for the evening meal.

From Murfreesboro we leave on Hwy 19 N for a short distance, then turn left on Muddy Fork Road.  It is paved.  Stay on Muddy Fork to Nathan Road where there is a right turn.  There will be a four way stop a few miles later where you will go straight on Gum Tree Road (Nathan Road turns to the left).  Stay on Gum Tree Road to Hwy 369 where you will make a right.  Stay on Hwy 369 about 8 miles to Hwy 70 at New Hope.  There is a small store (very small) if you need some last minute supplies.  Go East on Hwy 70 around 9 miles to Daisy State Park where we will camp for the night.  

Daisy State Park does have full bath houses with showers.  We will need to check in and pay a camping fee at this park.

Sunday morning we are 7 miles from Kirby.  Most will probably want to have breakfast there (although some may want to prepare their own breakfast in camp).  The end of the ride is 11 miles back to Glenwood Country Club.

Please contact me with any questions.

John Linck   501-231-9350

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