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2020 Ride around Lake Greeson

17 Jan 2020 10:52 AM | Anonymous

It is about time to make our trip around Lake Greeson.  We are scheduled to start on Friday, February 21, 2020 and finish on Sunday the 23rd.  As everyone knows, the weather in February can act up to cause a date change, but it worked out well last year to make that change.  

 We are adding a motel option this year which changes the route slightly.

We will start at the Glenwood Country Club at 11:00 AM, the same as last year.  The first stop will be in 12 miles on US Hwy 70 West at Kirby for lunch.  There are now two cafes in Kirby, so you will have a choice.  

We will then proceed on Hwy 27 South for 14 miles to Murfreesboro for our first overnight.  As I said, there will be an option to stay in a motel or camping.  There are a few motels, but my choice will be the Queen of Diamond Inn.  Camping is available .7 miles from the town square at the Murfreesboro RV Park or further out at the State Park.  There are a number of restaurants available.

Saturday we will have a late breakfast and leave mid morning for the 32 mile ride to Daisy, Arkansas.  We will go out Muddy Fork Road (13th Street) through Nathan (9 miles) and on the Hwy 369 (4.5 miles) where we will turn right toward New Hope (8.7 miles).  Turn right on Hwy 70 East for 9 miles to Daisy, AR.  This ride does not have any big climbs, but there are many steep hills. 

There is a small store at New Hope for any last minute supplies or a bite to eat.

Our second overnight will be in Daisy.  There is a motel with a number of rooms.  At the State Park there are two Yurts available at this time.  That can change at any time.  Also camping is available at the State Park.

My plan is to drive my RV to Daisy State Park on Thursday so that we have it on Saturday night.  We can either grill our own meals at the RV or we can take the whole crew to a cafe in Kirby or Glenwood.  We will determine that on the trip.

The trip from Daisy to Glenwood on Sunday is about 18 miles.  There is a restaurant where we ate lunch on the finishing day last year and we will probably do that again this year.  

Please add a post to this blog or contact me if you have any questions.

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