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Steel Bridge Pie Ride!

  • 02 Jan 2016
  • 8:30 AM
  • Ferndale Cutoff at Kanis Road, LR

  One of our most popular routes and foods! Meet Kathy Stevens at the Baptist Church in Ferndale (park on the west side) for the 40 mile Steel Bridge Ride with an extra couple miles to her house at 4600 Lake Norrell Road, Alexander (the continuation of Lawson Road going west), arriving about 10:45. She is making pies for us. If it is too cold for the whole loop, we'll ride short, going straight up the mountain and west on Lawson Road to her house instead of going counterclockwise through Paron. If we can't ride, be sure to drive over there or she'll have too many pies.

Contact: Kathy Stevens, 501-951-2769. email Kathy


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