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Prediction Ride

  • 30 Jun 2018
  • 8:30 AM
  • 4501 Austin Dr., NLR

The ride will begin at the McDowall's house, 4501 Austin Dr. (corrected address), North Little Rock. This is just north of Lakewood Village and McCain Malls. From Little Rock, take the North Hills Blvd. exit from I-40 going east, just before 67/167, go north to Crestwood Road (just north of McCain Blvd.), Left at Fairway Ave. It'll curve around and right on Somers Ave. You can park at the church at that corner. Go 1 block and right on Burrow Dr. (Valley Brook) and on the left at the corner of Burrow and Austin Dr. If you go another block or 2 south, you can park at another church on Burrow. The ride will come back out to North Hills Blvd. and continue as the regular "New Year Day" ride to the east county. You can cool off at the truck stop and at the McDowall's if you get in early.  I'll have a map. Total distance, 33 miles. Thanks to Doug McDowall for recording the times.

Map to Start

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Contact: Jim Britt, 501-912-1449


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