Our membership is  $25 for 1 year and $48 for 2 years and $70 for 3 years. You can mail in the form. You can set up a Profile from your email address later on this site.

Name:   ____________________________

Address:  ___________________________

City, State ZIP:  ______________________              


Phone(s): (     ) _______________Emerg. Contact: _____________


Send $25 (one year),  $48 (2 years). or $70 (3 years) to…

Arkansas Bicycle Club

P.O. Box 250817

Little Rock, AR 72225-0817

In joining the Arkansas Bicycle Club, I, for myself and my executors, administrators and assigns, do hereby release and discharge the Arkansas Bicycle Club, and all sponsoring organizations and their agents from all claims or damages, actions and causes of actions whatsoever, in any manner arising or growing from my participation in any event.  I agree to wear a bicycle helmet at all times and abide by the rules of the road.

____________________________________ (signed)

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