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08 Dec 2017 9:00 PM | Anonymous

As some may know, I suffered an injury a few years ago from an automobile accident.  I have tried for over 3 years to continue riding my bicycle with considerable pain in my shoulder and neck.  Finally, I am done with the pain and have started riding a recumbent trike.  Yes, by switching to a recumbent trike the pain has subsided considerably.  

Being a cyclist has made a major difference for my health and body.  Not wanting to give that up and wanting to reduce the pain caused me to give a recumbent trike a strong look.  So far, that strong look has some good results.  Also, the trike is fun to ride in most situations.  

This is how this is working for me at this time.  I have no experience in cycling except my own, so I cannot advise or consult on the subject, but I am now a recumbent trike rider and I believe this is a good alternative to quitting cycling altogether due to physical restrictions or injuries.

Please let me know if you want more reports on the progress of recumbent trike cycling.  

John Linck


  • 19 Dec 2017 8:44 PM | Anonymous
    Keep going, John. If I get one some day, I'll need advise on how to transport it.
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