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2023 BRAA April 2 thru 7

  • 05 Mar 2023 10:28 AM
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    I am looking forward to another good time pedaling around Arkansas.  This trip was done about 10 or 12 years ago, so it may be a little familiar to some of the long term BRAA riders.  Also, it does include a few miles of the Lake Greeson Ride which had to be canceled this year due to weather.  Our distances and destinations are listed below and are, as always, subject to change.

    This is a planned camping trip.  There are bail-out motels available in Hope, Murfreesboro and the Kirby area, but I do hope to camp all five nights.  Everyone can plan meals as they please, such as cooking every night, but a cafe is available, with a little ride, three of the five nights.  There is a possibility we will be treated to a fish fry one night.  

    Day One:  Out start is at Lake DeGray State Park.  Our destination is White Oak State Park.  The distance is an even 50 miles, which is the longest day planned but we will be fresh and ready.  This park is remote, so plan to prepare your own evening meal.  Lunch will probably be in Gurdon.

    Day Two:  From White Oak we will ride to Hope, AR.  This is a 45 mile day with lunch being a little sketchy, but the road will provide.  There are plenty of places to eat in Hope that night.  

    Day Three:  From Hope to Murfreesboro with a stop in Washington for lunch and a tour for those interested.  It is a neat place.  This is a 45 mile day with a couple different routes available.  We will choose as we go. If we choose to camp at the state park there is not a cafe available.  If we choose to camp at the RV park the ride to a cafe is around 2 miles.  

    Day Four:  Murfreesboro to Lake Dierks is 40 miles.  The route we choose will determine our lunch.  There is not a convenient motel bail-out or nearby cafe, but this is the night we may be treated to a fish fry.  

    Day Five:  Lake Dierks to Kirby State Park or Kirby Landing, according to how the trip is going.  Many options, so I will reserve any major plans on this one. The ride will be 40 miles. 

    Day Six:  Kirby to DeGray State Park for 41 miles.  We will have some options for breakfast and/or lunch.  This ride will finish our tour ride. 

    Call me, John Linck, at 501-231-9350 with any questions. 

    See you at DeGray State Park on April 2, 2023. 


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